Counseling Black Women


Counseling African American Women

A Handbook on Counseling African American Women: Psychological Symptoms, Treatments & Case Studies

Black women are deserving of mental health services that empower and honor them, challenge oppression, and foster growth.

Through an intersectional and inclusive lens, this book provides mental health professionals with a detailed overview of the mental health issues that Black women face as well as the best approach to culturally competent psychological practice with Black women.

This text details mental health needs and treatment interventions for Black women. It provides a historical context of how the lived experiences of Black women contribute to mental wellness, identifies effective psychological practices in working with Black women, and

challenges readers to advance their cultural competence while 

providing culturally affirming care to Black women. Additionally, this text is inclusive of sexual orientation and gender identity diversity, and it honors the diversity within Black women’s identities, relationships, roles, and families.

Written by an expert team of Black women clinicians, researchers, and medical professionals, A Handbook on Counseling African American Women: Psychological Symptoms, Treatments, and Case Studies addresses current sociopolitical events as well as historical trauma as it prepares readers to meet the needs of the Black women they serve.

  • Includes case studies that make theory and models applicable to direct mental health service

  • Features an expansive review of mental health issues and illnesses impacting Black women

  • Offers major treatment modalities and theoretical orientations

  • Details the experiences of women within the African diaspora while addressing specific identity-related needs of Black women


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Counseling Black Women

Awards & Reviews:

Amazon # 1 New Release in Gender Studies and Mental Health Categories International Book Award Multicultural-Nonfiction Finalist


Book Coeditors:

Kimber Shelton, PhD
Michelle King Lyn, PhD
Mahlet Endale, PhD
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