Counseling Black Women Team

Counseling Black Women Team

Black women are deserving of mental health services that empower and honor them, that challenges oppression, and fosters growth. We are committed to providing culturally competent and liberated mental health services to Black women and training mental health professionals to be culturally responsive in their work with Black women. Let us work with your organization or group.

Dr. Kimber Shelton

Psychologist | Author | Speaker


Dr. Kimber Shelton is a Licensed Psychologist and owner of KLS Counseling & Consulting Services. She specializes in the areas of cultural competence, ethnic minority and LGBTQ+ issues, trauma, and relationship concerns. Dr. Shelton has over 20 publications including A Handbook on Counseling African American Women: Psychological Symptoms, Treatments, and Case Studies. She has contributed to articles published on Yahoo!, CNN, Huffington Posts, and Dr. Shelton is the former Texas Psychological Association Diversity Division co-chair, and APA Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Diversity committee member. An award-winning psychologist, Dr. Shelton is the 2023 Black Mental Health Symposium Distinguished Practitioner of the Year, 2022 TPA Citizen Psychologist, received the University of Georgia Professional Achievement Award, and Pure Leaf/Pepsi-Cola No grant. She earned her PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Georgia and MS in mental health counseling from Niagara University.

Signature Talks

  • Culturally Competent Case Conceptualization

  • Innate Worthiness & Wellness

  • Complete Couples: Communication, Connection, Commitment

  • Trauma Work with BIPOC Individuals

  • Radical Healing – Resilience, Resistance, Rest

  • All things Black mental wellness

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Dr. Michelle K. Lyn

Psychologist | Author | Director

Michelle Lyn

Michelle Lyn, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with experience in a variety of clinical settings including private practice, collegiate mental health, and Veterans’ Affairs specializing in cultural diversity, identity development, women’s issues, relationship problems, trauma, depression, and anxiety. In her private practice, her clientele consisted mostly of Black women. She is currently the Director of the Counseling Center at Oglethorpe University. Dr. Lyn co-edited and co-authored A Handbook on Counseling African American Women: Psychological Symptoms, Treatments, and Case Studies and co-authored The College and University Counseling Manual, Integrating Essential Services Across the Campus

Signature Talks

  • Black Women and Mental Health Black Women 

  • Sisterhood Across the Life Span Mentorship and 

  • Professional Identity for Black Women in Psychology

  •  Group Therapy with Black/African American clients BIPOC 

  • College/Graduate Student Identity Development BIPOC 

  • College/Graduate Students and Mental Health Issues

  •  Professional Identity and Collegiate Mental Health Professionals

Dr. Mahlet Endale

Psychologist | Author | Speaker

Mahlet Endale

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Dr. Mahlet Endale is a licensed Psychologist and board certified telemental health provider. She is the co-author and co-editor of 2 books and has contributed to mental health-oriented content in major media outlets. Over the course of her career, her professional roles have also included that of instructor, public speaker. clinical supervisor, consultant, suicide prevention coordinator, outreach coordinator, and psychotherapist. She opened a private practice in 2017 and primarily serves adult clients holding intersecting marginalized identities. She serves clients in Georgia, Florida, and countries abroad. Her work emphasizes creating safe spaces to allow diverse clients’ ability to utilize therapeutic spaces as their fully authentic selves.

Signature Talks

  • Black Women and Mental Health (in general, supporting Black women college students, and concerning the Strong Black Woman Schema)

  •  Suicide Prevention (both for mental health professionals and the general public)

  •  Stress Management for Psychological Wellness

  •  Please see for more presentation topics